Ski & snowboard services

Maintenance, preparation and repair of skis and snowboards

Thanks to INTERSPORT Tignes fully automated ski shops, our experienced skimen repairs and keeps your skis and snowboards in shape for maximum sliding!

Overmolding of the soles

The first step in the maintenance of your skis begins with the overmolding of the soles. Our INTERSPORT technicians use the P Tex, which they heat and spread on the soles of skis and snowboards to cover all the holes.

The Saphir II Wax Pro by Montana

Big news in our stores: the Saphir II Wax Pro by Montana – a revolutionary machine to bring your skis a preparation worthy of the championships!
Come to discover it in our repair in our Repair Shop.


Process of sanding the surface of your skis and snowboards to remove excess material in case of overmoulding and flattening the sole. It is performed by the Saphir II Wax Pro robot by Montana.

Edge sharpening

The edge sharpening is realised by the  Saphir II Wax Pro Robot by Montana, enabling extremely precise work to optimize edge grip and contouring.

Waxing of skis

Waxing is the main step in maintaining a ski or snowboard sole. It consists in applying wax on the sole to feed and protect it and to optimize the properties of the glide.
In recent years, waxing has become a determining factor in the preparation of professional competition equipment (skiers, snowboarders and crosscountry skiing).
The principle steps of waxing are the following:

  • cleaning the sole (stripping),
  • wax application
  • wax scraping
  • brushing and finishing.

Ski bindings controlling

The INTERSPORT team do a lot of frequent controls on ski bindings before and after the rental of the equipment. We also offer you to control your own bindings.

Ski and snowboard adjustment

Our technicians pay great attention to the adjustment of your skis and snowboards in order to better adapt your equipment to your way of skiing.