The AFNOR guarantee

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The standard NF X50-007 “rental of winter sports equipment” of 22/12/2017 is a reference framework for the rental of ski and snowboard equipment by professionals to individuals.

The equipment concerned is: skis, snowboards, bindings, poles, shoes and helmets.

The NF X50-007 standard

This standard was drawn up, under the aegis of the AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation), by representatives of sports shops, equipment manufacturers, consumer associations, the Direction Générale de la Concurrence de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes (Directorate General of Consumer Competition and the Fraud Repression), the association of mountain doctors and other associations of the of the mountain field.

The AFNOR standard guarantees a quality material, regularly renewed and maintained according to the rules of maintenance and hygiene, as well as a setting of the bindings, in accordance with the other standards applicable.

It also ensures the provision of compliant personal protective equipment such as helmets, as well as the presence of qualified and experienced personnel.

The standard NF X50-007 is reflected in particular by the implementation of color codes to improve the readability of categories and rates for individuals:

  • Adult green – vert: entry-level material. Discovering the practice
  • Adult blue – blue: mid-range material. Knowledge of the first technical bases, access to many slopes
  • Adult red – rouge: high-end material. Good technical level, access to the entire ski area
  • Black adult – noir: very high-end material. Performance


All the INTERSPORT stores meet this standard.

The respect of this standard is the guarantee of a choice of quality materials which respect the standards of safety, and a support by a competent staff, pleased to welcome you and advise you in your sporting practice.

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